A Performative Elegy to the American Mall Created by Mike Durkin, Dylan Gygax, and Logan Gabrielle Schulman. Voice Performance by Courtney Cooke, Vanessa Ogbuehi, and Steven A. Wright


The best listening experience for Mallbodies encourages the use of headphones and a smart device to stream the tracks. We ask you to follow all COVID-19 protocols when walking around your mall: wearing a mask, keeping appropriate distance between you and others, and the use of handwashing and hand sanitizer before, during, and after the listening experience.

Engage with the prompts as best as you can. Begin your experience by listening to the first track (Wall of Concrete), and end your experience by listening to the last track (Leaving the Mall, But Come Back Soon). You should listen to all of the tracks in-between in whatever order best fits your personal journey through the mall.

Use the titles of each track as your waypoints, and listen to whichever title is the best fit for your mall-location in the moment of deciding which track to listen to next! Enjoy, and remember where you parked your car or bike!


The following track is to be listened to first, starting in the parking lot of the mall.

Standing In Front of The Wall of Concrete/Initiation

The following tracks can be listened to in any order, once you've completed the first.

Standing In Front of a Vacant Storefront Standing In Front of the Big Box Department Store Seated in The Food Court Wandering 1 (Mall Rat) Wandering 2 (Kiosks) Wandering 3 (Mall Walking) Riding Up and Down On The Escalators Seated on a Bench Playing Mallbodies Trivia Standing In The Middle Of the Mall Standing In Front of a “Hip” Store

Play this track once you’ve completed all the tracks above and are heading towards the exit.

Leaving the Mall, But Come Back Soon